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I am very excited to announce that I will be joining up with Crafty WoodCutouts team! Haven’t heard of Crafty WoodCutouts? Well, it is a small, but rapidly growing wood craft supply company out of Provo, Utah.  I can’t tell you enough wonderful things about them! I absolutely love their unfinished wood products that allow you to create the perfect craft of your design choosing with ease! If you are a fan of Mod Podging, painting or making all things pretty, then you have to go check them out! The quality of their products is simply amazing!!! Fantastic customer service and outstanding attention to detail! Not to mention, Megan is probably one of the nicest people I have ever talked to on the phone. :) And their prices… WOW! If you haven’t heard enough yet, and you still haven’t opened another window in your browser to go look, DO IT NOW!!!  
Here are a couple of pieces I made using their wood cutouts:
When the wood cutouts come to you, they will be UNFINISHED and look a little something like this:
The sky is the limit from there! Your creativity and craftiness will guide you the rest of the way. “Hold up Dawn,” you say. “I ain’t got no craftiness or creativity.  But I still want something pretty.”  No need to worry my friend! Crafty WoodCutouts can help. They have a blog right on their website with fantastic tutorials and pictures to guide you every step of the way. Still stumped? I’m always here to help too! I can either help you with ordering products, or help you with creating the craft you invision.  
So what are you waiting for! Go check it out! They have something for just about everyone, every holiday and celebration. And tell them Dawn set y’all from way down yonder in Louisiana! :)
See you again soon! Until then... I'm off to The Craftcation Conference in sunny Ventura, California!
Have a happy and safe Easter everyone!
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Moss LUCKY Letters

Ahh, I just love this time of year! Spring is in the air, so many holidays but so little time to craft!  The story of my life recently. I have been up to my ears in projects for customers and teaching craft classes that I haven’t had a moment of time to craft for myself. Well today I said the heck with the household chores. It's time for a little proCRAFTination! The dishes and the laundry… eh, they can wait. This lady needs to craft!
Let me start by saying I am a proud Irish girl!!! In my family, being Irish is celebrated year round, not just the month of March.  Some of my greatest memories as a child are with my mother’s side of family, (McManus, just a wee bit Irish huh?) and the millions of cousins running around to the sound Peter Yates Irish Folk music playing in the background.  With all these happy memories floating around in my head, I just had to make something to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.
So I got to work and gathered the supplies I needed:
3D letters, Spanish moss, forest green acrylic paint, paint brush, some accessories, scissors and a hot glue gun.
Paint your letters and let them dry.
Hot glue the moss to the letters. Trim and shape moss to your desired look.
Glue down your accessories for the finishing touches.
And there you have it! Wasn’t that easy?
So glad I decided to do a little proCRAFTination today! But as you all know there is always laundry and dishes to be done. Boo. Especially in a house full of boys. Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Until next time!
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What a Great Week!

What an amazing week it has been! I feel so blessed! Oh my goodness! My Burlap and Pearls project was featured over at Craftionary and at Create, Craft, Love. Oh, and it has been repinned on Pinterest over 2,000 times!!! Ok, ok, ok…, I know I am just a start up blogger and this isn’t really a big deal in the great big world of blogging… but this is a HUGE accomplishment for me, and a girl has to start somewhere! I feel like I’m on top of the world!
 Ha, ha, ha... so not quite.... but you get the idea!
In other exciting news, I am going to be offering craft classes out of my home. I love crafting and I miss teaching so much…, it was a no brainer to put the two together! My first class is next weekend!
This is the first project we will be making in the adult class:
I loved a project that I saw by Angie over at Burton Avenue.
I was inspired to teach a class based on her design.
I will also be offer a kid’s craft class as well.
This is what we will be making on February 23 for that class:
Many new and exciting opportunities are happening for this lady and I am just so darn excited I can barely contain myself!
Craftcation is coming up! Are you going? I AM!!! Haven’t heard about it?

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