Crafting in the Car

Well hello again one and all! For those of you out there who follow my blog let me start out by saying THANK YOU and sorry for not staying in touch. As most of you know, as life always seems to go, things always seem to get crazy this time of year! Kids get sick, mommies get sick (and then the house comes to a stand-still) holiday vacations get in the way and so on and so on.  Add to all this military travel, and lost Blogger passwords. Yes, makes for one frazzled blogger! But fear not, my crafting did not stop. Oh no, no! Quite the opposite actually! I don’t think my craft room has ever been busier.
The Mistletoe and More Craft Show in November was a huge success!!! After the first day, I sold so much of my merchandise I had to stay up late that night making more stuff to put into the show the following day! J I met some wonderful people and I am looking forward to continuing the Shop ‘till You Drop Craft Shows in Bossier City in the future.
The One Wreath the Turned into Twelve actually turned into twenty something. I lost count. They were selling like hotcakes!!! I had so much fun making them! Each one was different and unique in its own special way.  I always love projects that you truly and honestly have fun with. That’s what this week’s blog post is all about after all. Now, I had a blast creating this project, but I will put this disclosure out there first and foremost… crafting while you travel is not for everyone. Make sure you have a great travel buddy (honey, you’re the greatest) and most importantly I recommend using glitter free ribbon! J
The car is loaded up and the kids are in their car seats and we are ready to hit the road on our holiday trip to Arkansas and Hubby asks, “Did we forget anything?” and I say… “What can I make in the car in seven hours?” For a second my mind run wild! Luckily, I was able to make a quick decision. I have an amazing sister-in-law who asked me to make her a fun snowman wreath for Christmas. I believe “are you kidding me” was being grumbled from the garage but I was too busy grabbing supplies to hear exactly what was being said (like I said honey, you’re the greatest!). Here’s what I grabbed: Various coordinating colored wire ribbon, foam wreath form, T-pins, coordinating embellishments, scissors, and a hot glue gun (yep, that’s right, a hot glue gun. I have a power inverter in my car).
And away we went! Down the road and a crafting we did go!!! When I said earlier I recommend using glitter free ribbon, here is why. As you attach the ribbon to the wreath form, the ribbon will shed glitter if it has glitter on it.  I don’t think my car will ever be the same again.  A lady actually asked what happed to me at a gas station because I was covered in so much glitter. My response: “Nothing.” I said. “Just crafting in the car. ;)”

Now remember I have two small kiddos, and a dog. So snacks, diaper changes, potty breaks, bottles, crying and screaming goes in with all this crafting fun!!!

With all of the ribbon finally attached it was time to fire up the glue gun to attach the embellishments. Here’s where Hubby got real nervous! He was convinced I was going to either burn myself or the leather seats.

Neither of course happened and out came a fun, festive snowman wreath!
What do you think? Do you like how it turned out? I hope you all found a little bit of humor in this crafting adventure and might even tell your friends about my crazy crafting adventures too!  Have a very, very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!!!  Until the next adventure!
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Denyse said...

Absolutely adorable! Crafting in the car takes talent to a whole new level. :-)

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Have a crazy beautiful week!

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