Moss LUCKY Letters

Ahh, I just love this time of year! Spring is in the air, so many holidays but so little time to craft!  The story of my life recently. I have been up to my ears in projects for customers and teaching craft classes that I haven’t had a moment of time to craft for myself. Well today I said the heck with the household chores. It's time for a little proCRAFTination! The dishes and the laundry… eh, they can wait. This lady needs to craft!
Let me start by saying I am a proud Irish girl!!! In my family, being Irish is celebrated year round, not just the month of March.  Some of my greatest memories as a child are with my mother’s side of family, (McManus, just a wee bit Irish huh?) and the millions of cousins running around to the sound Peter Yates Irish Folk music playing in the background.  With all these happy memories floating around in my head, I just had to make something to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.
So I got to work and gathered the supplies I needed:
3D letters, Spanish moss, forest green acrylic paint, paint brush, some accessories, scissors and a hot glue gun.
Paint your letters and let them dry.
Hot glue the moss to the letters. Trim and shape moss to your desired look.
Glue down your accessories for the finishing touches.
And there you have it! Wasn’t that easy?
So glad I decided to do a little proCRAFTination today! But as you all know there is always laundry and dishes to be done. Boo. Especially in a house full of boys. Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Until next time!
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Dawn Harmon said...

Trying to figure out why my comments are not working... Hold tight while I work out the bugs.

Anonymous said...

Love the moss letters! Saw your feature over at DIY Crafty Projects.

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